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Coca-Cola . Special Olympics

Make Some Noise
Superheroes Vignette

My role: Director of Photography . Concept Development and Post Production Artist . Editor . 3D Motion Designer

Order x Coca-Cola x Jackson Spalding x Special Olympics - Shine as One - 30s Director's Cut
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In this national broadcast spot, Make Some Noise, we pursue 3 primary objectives:

  • To effectively convey the most compelling message that audiences can resonate with, which is that the featured athletes are truly exceptional with music playing a pivotal role in inspiring them to be their best selves.​​

  • To showcase Special Olympians as outstanding and inspirational athletes and portray them as role models and superheroes, rather than simply being "special" athletes.

  • To highlight a wide range of sports and athletes that are interchangeable, while maintaining a consistent conceptual approach throughout.

Music serves as the foundation and primary driving force of our spot, imbuing it with powerful and emotive qualities. It sets the tempo and lends gravity to the Special Olympics and its participating athletes. An original score is custom-tailored to build upon the tactile moments that unfold between the athletes and their training. In order to further amplify the emotional resonance of the piece, we supplemented the arrangement with various instruments. The resulting composition crescendos and evokes the shared experience of the athletes, their support team, and the audience alike.

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