Short Documentary Film, Public Service

Corporate Social Responsibility Film

"What began as a routine video assignment... unexpectedly yielded a stirring, award-winning 10-minute documentary about at-risk youths and the power of color to help change their lives."

David Gianatasio


Publicolor is a self-titled short documentary about a New York based program supporting at risk youth, who might otherwise fall between societal cracks. The development plan engages them with design based programs, mentoring them for success in college, career and life. The film takes a freestyle approach combining participatory, poetic and cinema verité qualities to capture the spirit of the program.


Set in the historic and visually rich Pratt institute, founded in 1887, we meet the students, staff and founder who are in session for the summer program.  The honest and raw perspectives they share create an emotional connection and exhibit the altruistic effort to provide a positive alternative path. The students share a genuine moment when exposed to an exaggerated, life-sized version of a weaving loom they have been using in the program. The moment is interrupted upon discovery a ladybug. As the group works together to return the ladybug to nature it becomes a metaphor for their Publicolor experience.


Given the opportunity to go alone into the world, will they spread their wings and fly?

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Bringing about change from the inside out through the power of color


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